Crap and more Crap

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As a blogger, I immensely enjoy *Insert sarcasm* when other bloggers start their posts with lovely phrases like “When surfing the feeds” or “I recently found on the feed” or “The feed is something I take all my fashion advice from since I can’t think for myself”… ok I made up the last statement but its really not that far from the truth. I love the feed, don’t get me wrong.  It hosts a ton of talent!! Its a shame I don’t read it more regularly (I’m probably missing out on the newest fashion trends for sure).

Seriously, if you’re a fashion blogger – think for yourself. People don’t want regurgitated fashion ideas they have already seen on the feed. Be creative – think outside of the shoe box, please.

So to feed the feed with reposted crap … I’ve decided to post the All Famous, All Knowing and Mighty Mr. Crap Mariner’s *trumpet blast* parody of me – Read it here.

I love Crap’s crap … and saying crap and him responding. Love it!

Thanks for the long hard laugh, Crap!! How’s that new bunny suit treatin’ ya?!

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  • I feel like punching Hugh Hefner in the face.

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