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Let’s see how do I put this … I guess I should first apologize. Sorry I’ve been, well, distracted lately. I have a stack of reviews to do … but I can’t seem to get into that studio, well at least to work (that is if you call blogging work! lol). Wow, now I ramble … erm … more than usual. Yeah, I’ve been off enjoying SL with someone who’s finally had made it fun again.

Really I do promise I’m alive and kicking around … and oh yeah, I swear Plurk is an addiction.

*gets back on Cloud 9*

4 Comments to “*blushes*”

  • I was missing your blog – kept hitting on it in the hope a new post was done BUT knowing nothing is being blogged because you have been having fun – what the hell go have fun girl !

  • Distracted we noticed :-)

    /me points at softporn on Flickr

  • lol @ Peter! shhh you!

  • Well… there’s not that much distance between Sept. 5 and Sept. 9. You must have been able to work up a lot of willpower to “kick the habit” so quickly.

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