*Review* EarthStones Jewelry – Sylvan

There are very very few jewelers I follow in SL. I mean, like, 3. EarthStones is one of them and the longest known to me.  EarthStones‘ designer, Abraxxa Anatine, just released fantastic newness … or as she calls it “stuffage”.  I adore her cute personality … it really matches her designs.  This new release, Sylvan, lends itself so well to her and her immense collection.

I have to admit, when I saw “bracelet” appear in that little blue inventory give box, I instantly thought “oh great, another bangle”. WOW – I was shocked to see it was a double bracelet.  FINALLY! I mean, finally… a designer did a bracelet. How utterly refreshing.  My little pixelated wrists thank her!

Since I was having a brainfart when Abraxxa and I were talking, she had to remind me that her new stuffage has a fit script.  Yup, scripted to help fit your shape. Thank goodness – I hate belts for that reason – they never fit. I don’t think I have any EarthStone jewelery that I have have any fitting (or any) issues with thus far. Gotta love that, right?!

To help hightlight the belt and matching double bracelet I kept it ubber casual – basic tank and saude jacket with jeans.  I’m totally going out to meet friends in this … so off I go (I’m already late … geez, I’ve gotten bad!).

Go check out EarthStones Slyvan – its new in the store today! Shown in Chrysocolla/Silver but other tones are available – all just as stunning.

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  • ok, but now I have to know….. who are the OTHER two jewelry designers you like?

  • hehe I can’t give away all my secrets. If you know me and my history, you can guess who at least one of the other two is … hehe But no, I’m not telling *giggles*

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