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*Review* Gypsy Soul

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As I blogged earlier last week, Gypsy Soul is growing.  Here are the two newest releases: Urban and Tippy.  Urban came to me at a great time, I was channelling my inner neko.  It was great fun to see the black-white hair with the ears and tail peeking out.  So fun to change my usual look with an outfit – and this was it.  Tippy really started the trend tho.  In my last mashup, I used the minisweater.  Both designs are loaded with all the layers making the work  of mixing and matching so easy.  Tippy’s look is more apparent as the layers are all different.  Urban is slight more subtle with the different layers, but they are all there to use.  I can’t wait to see what else comes from Gypsy Soul.

Gypsy Soul
Products Used: ShinyThings, ETD, Armidi, Deviant Kitties, Chai (unreleased skin).


*Review* Dutch Touch – Plaid Salopette

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Its hard not to own everything that Dutch Touch offers!  I get slightly carried away in this store … so surely this post will be a rollercoaster. Iki’s lastest release is called Plaid Salopette. Its an adorable plaid dress with a long sleeve tee.  In her wonderful style that I enjoy, it comes in a range of muted tones (shown here are red and grey). The bonus feature is that the hose come in torn and regular. Check out the hint of garter belt that show thru – rawr!  DT has been a great place to find cute tees or jeans or mini skirts.  Did you know there is a full line of skins? I’m wearing one of my favs called Indie.  The skins are not only beautiful matte finish but also very affordable.  Iki just re-laid out the store too.  Come back to Dutch Touch and reexperience the new look and feel – you will be surprised!  Oh yeah, there is more stuff to come from her – hair and sweaters just to name a few!

Dutch Touch
Products Used: Magika, Indrya Originals


{mashup} Old Habits Are Hard to Break

Just when I thought I kicked the black and white habit!  For some time in my slife, I was wearing a ton of black-white, even my hair! Since my friend, Marlee Theas, showed me these ShinyThing boots, its been hard to take them off.  This mashup is inspired by the color-changing laceup boots.  This time, I’m going from the ground up.  The boots, fabbo must-haves for the season.  The boots come in a few colors, all with the color changing laces. Its HUD driven with the option to buy more lace colors.  Yup, you guessed it, I choose pink (and it comes in the HUD colors).

The outfit kinda evolved from there.  I had a jean skirt with pink thigh high socks then pink tights then came the now look of cargos and pink fishnets.  The cargos are from Inimitably Design and come in one other color.  The only down fall to these well constructed pants is that it only come in the pants layer.  No undies layer means no layering, makes for a sad Luna. Its a minor setback but still worth the lindens.  I tucked under the black-white plaid pants Starley’s Celestial Studios’ pink fishnets.  No wardrobe is complete without a rainbow of socks, hose or fishnets.

To make your shopping easy, I chose LaLaFooFoo’s Essential Tank in pink.  LaLa FooFoo’s is located on the Celestial Studio sim, while picking up the fishies, stop over to get the tanks.  Way cheap for the fat pack!  Since LaLaFooFoo,  gives all the layers, this was a sinch to create a tucked in look.  Finishing off the top, I used what should have been a review piece from Gypsy Soul, is a short sweater with frilly edging.  You knew I had to have a girlie element to blend with all the pink.  The sweater is a piece in the latest Gypsy Soul release called Tippy. 

Checking out (and of course laughing my ass off) at the amount of hair I acquired in the last 2 years,  I realized most styles never make it to my blog.  Today is the day for this Gritty Kitty style (forgive me if its retired, I picked it up last year).  I thought it went well with the black-white pants and boots, giving the edgy-ness to the outfit.  Now what really had my decide to use the monochrome hair was [the oBscene] skin. Its in a treasure hunt that I did this morning.  $1L too!! Love the soft pale pink tones with the black lined eye. To play up the eye drama, Deviant Kitty lashes fit the bill.  Adding the touch of black pearls with a bow completes the overall look.

This was more than easy to create.  The only “hard part” was making sure the attachment points were set.  The frilly trim from the sweater attaches to the same point as the pearl collar.  Its very easy to attach the necklace to another point (like the spine) so the sweater attachment can stay on the chest.  Also, I color changed the pearls from white to steel grey.  This was an omni change and very easy.

Style Sheet:
Eyes: MMS-Deep Blue Eyes
Lashes: [DK] Deviant Prim Lashes 01
Skin: [the oBscene] VENUS-Quartz-SKALDi – CNS SIM OPENING GIFT
Hair: Gritty Kitty: Hellogoodbye – white w/ black tips
Sweater: ~GypsySoul~ Tippy
Shirt: LaLa Essential Tank – Kiss
Pants: InimitablyDesign / Black Caro Pants
Necklace & Bracelet: <X>Black Tie Pearl Set
Socks: (CS) Lulu OTK Fishnet Socks – pink
Boots: (Shiny Things) Chunky RIbbon Boots – black
Particles by Arminasx Saiman of Electric Pixels



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Thank you everyone who stopped by my impromptu party tonite.  Tons of fun to see all those who actually dressed in pink … and oh the freebie pink products and attachments were flying!!  Tons of fun!

The party would have not been any better … I had the ever fabulous GoSpeed Racer spinning the tunes :)  Karl and I decided to host more roof parties … so I will be sending out invites and blog notices.  Love to see more here on our roof <3

Check out the rest of the party pics


*Review* ~GypsySoul~ Horizons

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I’m really starting to like this new store, called Gypsy Soul.  This store is filled with great ecletic clothing.  Seeing the other designs, I think Solitude Hermit, the store’s owner, is one of the designers that will be on my frequent shopping trips as her collection grows.  What she has out now, are several creations that are really my style. Tons of those netural tones with plaids, stripes and short skirts.  Another great added bonus are the layers.  All the layers are available and available in different looks.  For instance, Horizons, the outfit shown, is easily worn with or without the sweater hoodie and short and long (I like the long looks). Swing by Gypsy Soul to check out the rest of the collections!

Gypsy Soul

Products Used: Maitreya, 69, [the oBscene].


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