*Review* wtf?!

Ok since I’m all sorts of lagged from RL travel, I’ve decided to do something new for my review for this one time.  Its hard to just review hair, accessories or one item, like a tee.  Its hard without sounding, as a SCD SL Secret says, like a “pooping rainbows” fashion blogger (#8 if you check out the link and laugh like I did).  I have to agree, its gagging sometimes. I guess that’s why I don’t blog everything I receive. Ok I really shouldn’t blog since I’m overly tired from travelling.  Oh well.  This will be good, promise. Just laugh as I ramble.

EarthStones.  Lets see, well, umm, I like it. What do I like. Well, umm, I don’t know, what do you say about a strand of beads on a string with a knot in the middle? Ok lemme talk about the colors.  There are a ton. I selected “Labradorite”.  Sadly, I had no clue what that was (I’m proudly stupid) – thank goodness for google. Labradorite is a mineral.  Kinda a cool color too huh? Wow that sounded flakey. We all know Earthstones and her designs. We all like them. Its great quality.  Size Scripted? Yup. Cool stones and colors? Yup. You gonna check out her store? Yup.

The jewelry set’s color matches well with this tee I found in my “review” folder.  Feeling like its a good jeans and tee linda day, I pulled on this simple black tee.  Yes, I’m a comfy clothes person but not really a skulls kinda chick.  Oddly, I do like this shirt. Its black, one of my fav colors, with white skulls and a splash of teal.  Trix’ and Treats had given me other cool little tees but I won’t share them.  They are for me to hord. *grin*

Lastly, I was passed some of the newness from Eat Rice!.  Sometime late last week, Ellie Celt told me I couldn’t blog brag about the hair until after her NexCore show yesterday.  So now get to show it off here. 

Any rainbows? Was that ok? Not to bad right? right.  Ok, I’m off to RL.  Thanks to the designers for allowing me to blog these items and let me ramble about their products.  Thanks!! :)

Products Used: Dutch Touch, CS.

4 Comments to “*Review* wtf?!”

  • lololol I love you girl!

  • haha. that was awesome.

  • Yaaaay! I was blog bragged about. In yo face… uhh… other people? *shrug*

    Thankee and I lubb you!

    <3 Rice for Life.

  • I am a Rice eater … err … a proud Rice eater!

    <333 Ellie

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