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Happy New Year!

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*Review* Sysy's Dresses

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Sysy Chapman has two new dresses out in her store, Sysy Designs.  These two new dresses are a great examples of her wide range of talent.  First is the Yip dress.  Its a cocktail dress with soft rouching details that lead into the base of the crinkled skirt.  The dress comes in three colors: Chocolate, Blue and Roze. Next is the Flakesinthesnow for Black Swan Winter Magic.  Now this is a gown/dress that I truly enjoyed trying on and experimenting with the layers.  I showed, what I think are the three main looks.  The different options are endless.

Sysy’s Mainstore
Sysy Design’s (new location on SHAPLES Island, to be opened soon)

Products Used: PXL, Fussy, Exile, Dark Mouse, DaneMarkZ, DeLa


~News~ Shopping Sim To Open

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Hey DListers – I just moved my blog headquarters over to a new sim, SHAPLES Island.  Its to open on January 17th. I’m hoping designers and store owners will join me on the sim.  Brad Parker, the owner of the sim and store, has created this beautiful modern looking sim with a live music venue.  For the opening night’s entertainment he booked Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler, Harper Messmer and Maximillion Kleene.  I really can’t wait to for the opening night concerts and to see who all will be renting with me.  Come on over to see my space and of course the rest of the sim :)

**Rental Info**
For More Info Contact:  Brad Parker

SHAPLES  Island has a total of 36 store rentals consisting of 5 different store sizes:
128 M2 Store – 30 Prim Limit – L$90 / week – 6 units available
256 M2 Store – 50 Prim Limit – L$150 / week – 2 units available
512 M2 Store – 100 Prim Limit – L$300 / week – 9 units available
1024 M2 Store – 250 Prim Limit – L$750 / week – 16 units available
2304 M2 Store – 500 Prim Limit – L$1500 / week – 2 units available

**Rent your store before 12/31/08, get one month rent free!**


*Review* ~GypsySoul~

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  2 Comments

~GypsySoul~ has truly captured my attention.  There are a ton of other designs that are being released that aren’t shown here.  What I wanted to show is how the designs can be combined.  Let’s go from left to right and I will show what I mean.  First is “Peaches”, its a fully stocked cropped sweater outfit.  The stockings can be full legged or knee highs.  The shirt works with or with the sweater.  The middle outfit is called “Wine”.  This is a slight detour from the greens and browns but still in that same jewel tone. Check out the tights – So cute! Now the last one, its the mix n match.  The new release is the sweater and long sleeve shirt.  I paired it with the pants from Trio.  This is why ~GypsySoul~ has me has a fan.  The designer, Solitude Hermit, carries the colors thorough-out each of the designs.  As you collect her items, they have the possibility of being interchanged.  What a great deal for the already low pricing.  Great quality and mixing … fantastic!


Products: Maitreya, ShinyThings, DutchTouch, 69, Truth, PE, MMS.


*Review* ::Soda:: Persona Skins

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I am really enjoying what is coming out from the skin designing community. The “Persona” skins from ::Soda:: are without a doubt one of those skins that should be owned.  They portray an aurora of drama and mystic.

This pack has been sitting in my inventory for the last few days. It was one of the first times that I didn’t instantly toss on right away.  I did it for a reason.  I wanted to capture my first initial reactions to the line and walk you all through my thoughts as I look over the skins.  This will give the bad and good through my eyes.  Its an effort to give a more realistic approach to skin buying.  Of course, we all buy skins for different reasons and those reasons will vary depending on different needs or wants.

The first skin I happen to pick is from the The Model line and from what I would think from the name, is the base skin.  Compared to the other makeups, it is a base line.  Its a pale lip with heavy smokey eyes (hence “sultry” and my fav). From here, I would think that the next “level”, if you will, is the introduction of color to the makeups. 

I went right to a high dramatic eye.  Pleasantly surprised as I was thinking it would be a dark or even black lip with grey toned eyes.  Newp. Its a heavy colored eye with flecks of shimmer and neutrals shades.  The lip really honestly caught my eye.  Its a dark smudged color that is just alluring.  What a great beginning to a wonderfully colorful line.  Just like each of the collections, (The Girl Next Door, The PinUp and The Model), each skin has its own personality that is surprising and attractive.  

With the makeup (the fun side to skins) is covered. Let’s check out the body and its shading. The lines from the face to skull to ears … and really all the seams… blend well.  This time around for this post, I paid particularly close attention to the collar bone and areolae.  Yup, I was scoping out the nips. Before you all think I have issues (which I do but that’s for another post), its the idea that some of us get naked and need to have better defined privates.  These areolae are on the fuzzy side.  Is it a deal breaker for buying the skin? No. With this skin tone, the nips in this state work very well with the overall skin. For the collarbone, its not a predominant feature.  Which I like.  Again, the skin tone is on the paler side so for a heavily shaded collar bone or really anything or any one area, the skin would like unrealistic. 

Another few things I noticed in the shading is in the cleavage and on top of the touche.  The cleavage is not blatant but gives the look of a full cup size.  With the whiter chest fading into a warm dark tone for shading, the chest looks natural.  Now the backside.  Again, I was looking for interesting features. The spine down to the touche is very well crafted.  The cleavage for the touche is defined giving it a lifted look.  Kinda nice for that region.

My overall impressions with ::Soda:: is that its a great fun and exciting designer who isn’t afraid of branching out into colors.  Tons of great personality for each skin.  I will be watching as more tones are released.


Skins Used: ::Soda:: Persona Skins – The Model –  Sand –   Sultry – Nude, ::Soda:: Persona Skins – The Model –  Sand – Vamp – Vamp. ::Soda:: Persona Skins – The Model –  Sand –  Intense – Aurora. ::Soda:: Persona Skins – The Pinup – Grey – Gloss. ::Soda:: Persona Skins – The Pinup – Peacock – Pomegranate
**The only line not pictured is “The Girl Next Door”. It was just too many skins to be in one pic.  I had a hard time deciding what makeups to show off. Sorry. Good thing tho – it has soft freckles!**

Other Products Used: Maitreya, KMADD, W&Y, Shai.


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