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Just tonite I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Rosemary Galbraith, co-owner of CUPCAKES.  A few giggles later, we got straight to business.  I was (and still am) utterly floored by CUPCAKES’ new skin line called Celebrity. When I was flipping through the skins like a skn addict … oh wait, I am! 

Anyway, with every flip, I was more and more impressed.  I had no clue (yeah I’m dense) that she, Rosemary, was the creator behind that ever-popular store, ROSEMAR. Yeah, duh! Told ya I was dense.  I think tons of us have that freebie Creampuff skin… well take that skin and advance it a few lines and add a pinch of sophistication, you will get this new Celebrity line.  Its just as dreamy and creamy as the past lines with a few new features.  As Rosemary told me, client feedback is important to them as they build the next line based on the voice of their customers.

There is, at close inspection, a realistic touch.  The skin has pours!  The ears are so well defined! Its all those things that we enjoyed and loved from her previous work.  It was a difficult task (if you want to call it that) to chose just a handful of skins to show off.  Out of the 20 different makeups, I can confidently say, I like 17 of them!  So why not the other 3? For one silly reason or another … seriously its just me being me, they are outstanding in their own right. 

The look of the skin is flawless, no blemishes or scars or blurred lines.  All smooth. Even the back of the knee has definition to the toes and fingernails, all well shaded.  Ok, here’s a silly Luna thing:  When I first started in SL, skins at that time, had horrible dark asscracks (omg I just said asscrack on my blog and I can’t believe I’m sharing this)…  But… my partner (now personal SL mentor) said it looked like people forgot to wipe.  Can you believe I look at every single skin I get (review or purchase) for this shit stain.  Its been 2 years! Kid you not.  Anyway, no clue why I really told you all that ’cause none of the skins have this issue – and I would tell if you if they did. 

Let’s talk about these adorable freckles. I’m a freckles nut. If the freckles are apparent, I don’t want the skin.  I like a softer more muted freckle.  Something that looks blended but not clustered or caked into one area.  Freckles, like these, should be scattered with no patterning.  Oh yeah, and not just on the face and  chest … CUPCAKES‘ freckles go down the body.  They caught my eye in the store as they were peppered over the back – freckles on the back! What other designer does that?! Really?!

What I talked about above is just a small sampling of reasoning to check out CUPCAKES.  If you do, drop me a line, let me know what you think … and tell Rosemary I sent ya.  Enjoy!


A special Thank You to Emme Mannonen for making introductions and for her continue support! *hugs*


Skins Shown: Smokey (freckles), Noir (freckles), Autumn, Big Smokey (freckles), Dusk (frackles), Barely There, Electric
Shade: Honey

Products Used: Ornamental Life, ETD, Maitreya, MMS, PERSONA.

2 Comments to “*Review* CUPCAKES Skins”

  • These skins look stunning on you! Can’t wait to snatch up these myself :)

  • thank you!! You will be impressed like I was … these skins are a great addition to my collection!! :)

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