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After I rezzed the invite for Festivale‘s PreParty Opening, I got nervous. I had nothing to wear to fit this theme. So I turned to my fashion consultant, Express Zenovka, for advice and to help.  Of course, he was already dressed!  Express pops over to help check out what I do have before really going out to shop. After seeing his pink and green “clown”, I got so inspired!

We dashed over to *katat0nik* for the ruffled dresses.  I was so not use to having a guy that knows about fashion and having opinions about things I wear. Kinda diggin’ it, ya know! We went one by one through each of the dresses … that was until I saw “Very Cherry”. I was slightly too anxious to buy but with his calmness I kept looking … still coming back to this one dress. 

The “Very Cherry” is not my usual flair but so worth the $600L for all the layers and that adorable mini hat.  I think I was really sold on the Fleur de Lis pasties (shh don’t tell anyone).

Heading back to my studio, I knew exactly what boots I wanted and currently had in inventory. During the recent Dilly Dolls $25L sale, I picked up the wedgey boots.  Again not my usual pick and not really sure why I got them. Sure they are cute but completely functional (fully scripted with color change on all the pieces and sizeablilty). Maybe that’s why I couldn’t resist! One goofy thing is that one sole is slightly too large and its no mod. Not really noticeable but a nag in the back of my perfectionist’s mind.

Moving along, I needed to break up the cherry theme.  I tossed on argyle stockings from Sn@tch and tinted them to green to bring out the pinks and green detailing.  This addition is subtle but really pulls together the pink and greens in the dress and boots.

The hair is another element tinted. It started as Pink Burnt and ended up berry toned to match the deeper pink tones in the hat and dress.  Tinting is a skill I need to develop more but pretty easy to do making anything blend better.

Choosing the right skin was the true challenge.  The nipples on most skins are large not being able to hide behind the pasties.  Thankfully, I had an awesome freebie, or maybe it was really a dollarbie from Frick. I was so focused on the nipple size, I wasn’t paying much attention to the makeups.  Until I cammed away to look at the overall look, I realized this makeup was the perfect look.  Soft hot pink lips and the eye makeup flourishes with the Cake lashes were spot on!  … and the nipples fit the pasties!

Even popped on that AO from Ana_mation again. You know, the one I mentioned in the last mashup post.  The AO is called TomBoy … and helped finish the look. Time to party!

I really need to send a huge thanks to Ex for the help.  Even tho at the party he confessing that he pointed me to this direction to “match” him.  Little stinker! *hugs*

Style Sheet
Skin: *~{Frick} Tan – Flourish (Purple Shadow) Pink Lips
Hair: ETD Xaria – Pink Blackened (tinted)
Lashes: Cake – Deco Lashes – Tintable
Eyes: []::Tuli::[]  pink eyes smaller
Dress: *katat0nik* (pink) Very Cherry Dress – 11 Piece Set
Stockings: :::Sn@tch Pink Argyle Leggings (U):::
Boots: *Dilly Dolls* – Sketched
All Poses Used are LAP (of course!)

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