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Ana Lutetia, the blogger extraordinaire and pose creator, can now add skin designer to her laundry list of talents. Recently she had released a beautiful set of skins. Surely, and hopefully, the first of many more.  Where she has her blog headquarters and pose store, she will host her new skin line: .:[AnaLu]:. fresh poses. This collection called “In Rainbows”. 

When visiting her store in Mystikal, it looks like AnaLu is setting up other vendors in additional tones.  This dark tone that is being set up, I’m sure will be released soon looks amazing … I love dark tones just as much as this natural color. 

Checking out the body, hands and feet, I can see no flaws or blemishes.  Its a well thoughtout and designed skin.  The shadowing is beautifully crafted, only slightly dark in some areas when viewed at close range.  As Express stated only stalkers and he would view my body that close.  From a distance, where normal people would view bodies, the highlights and shading are excellent.

The stomach is shaded for an athletic look.  This seems to a wonderful new trend in skins.  More and more designers are creating skins without that “rock hard” ab look.  Thank you!!

I even like the soft tones on the backside and chest.  It gives a hint of dimension without going drastically overboard.  Some many great details like this and the highlights to the back and front of the knee.  Hard not to fall for these skins.

The makeups are unique and alluring.  The lips are a soft dusty rose tone that gives the skin a very natural feel.  The eyes are full of muted drama.  The lid colors are gorgeous.  Rare that I like a full colored lids.  Perhaps its the understatement of the coloring or the liner, but completely liking!

I will be keeping these skins in an everyday rotation and even reaching for them for events.  Wonderfully done, AnaLu.  Please do keep up the great work … can’t wait to see more!

.:[AnaLu]:. fresh poses

Skins Used:
-AnaLu- *In Rainbows* NAT 01 .everyday.
-AnaLu- *In Rainbows* NAT 02 .blueish.
-AnaLu- *In Rainbows* NAT 04 .pinky.
-AnaLu- *In Rainbows* NAT 13 .brownish.
-AnaLu- *In Rainbows* NAT 14 .night.

Products Used:
Hair: Gritty Kitty: Deadline – white
Eyes: MMS-Deep Blue Eyes
Lashes: MADesigns EYELASHES ~ Diva
Lingerie: Melanie Red Outfit by INSOLENCE

NOTE: (From AnaLu’s Site)
The skins are based in the Splendor skin by Sezmra Svarog released with the note:

This is a skin resource kit for females, called “Splendor”.
**You are free to use these files to create your own skins for your Second Life avatar, no matter what Grid you are using it on.
**You are free to alter these files to create your own skins in order to resell them.
**You are NOT encouraged to redistribute these files, commercially, as is. Please don’t take advantage of others – it may return to haunt you.

4 Comments to “*Review* -AnaLu- *In Rainbows* Skins”

  • Is this post a joke?? have you ever seen Splendor skins by Semzra Svarog? These are slighty modified, so slighty that I can’t notice the difference apart from the make-ups. It’s not serious at all!!

  • *blushes* THANK YOU!

  • The skins are from the Splendor line … it is the makeups that AnaLu designed. The files are for use but not for use as is. I reviewed them as I do for any skins, taking in the fact of the full body. There is nothing wrong with this post nor AnaLu’s makeups. I had updated my post with a note stating such and siting her post. Thank you!

  • @Rut Taurog,
    it’s written everywhere that these skins are a Splendor mod… I’ve added the note in the demos, in the website and in the panels. So, what’s wrong? (Most people liked the makeups I did.)

    According to Semzra, what I can’t do is to commercially redistribute the original files…

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