To The Beach!

I don’t know about you all …. but I’m so set to hit the beach!  For my RL location, the warm weather is on its way and its time to think about the summer and the shore.  Yeah, here, again in RL, we call it “down the shore”.  Its a local saying meaning we are going to the beach.  Regardless of the beach’s location to you, its always said “down the shore”.  Growing up, the shore was due east, not south, and still we said that were going down the shore. Another fav is when you ask where someone is, the response is “they’re down the shore” (of course spoken like Sly Stallone (aka Rocky) since I grew up in the Philadelphia region).  Many uses and still weird to folks that aren’t native to my hometown.  Ok, I digress.

I would so wear this for travelling to the shore.  Yup, even the big hat. Ya gotta protect your skin in the summer sun at all times.  So let’s hit up the hat first. For weeks I wanted this hat, I saw it on someone in a store, inspected it and found it was from Cachet.  Like a dope I had no clue MMS, as it was called at the time, was closed for renovations and TP’d over to the store, without sucess. So I waited until they reopened. See I do have patience!

Next are several finds from yesterday shopping trips. [ATOMIC] was having a huge skin sale, I just had to snag another skin.  Gawd my skin collection is getting out of hand. Still I wanted, and I now have this cute skin. It has soft freckles too, perfect for summer. Another sale was over at *BOOM*.  Yup, I took advantage of all the awesome sales! The long shirt is part of a bikini but works great with the tweed pants.  Instead of the bikini top, that would be too easy, I swapped it out for a tube top.  It works great since the front of the tweed pants are low slung and the tube top is cut short, its all covered.  Still it shows a tint of belly.

The hair and accessories is what really finishes the look.  I choose one my favs from the new >TRUTH< collection, Sehra. The only true color in this outfit is the pink flower. It gives a focal point to the overall look without overpowering the muted khakis and pale creams. For just a slight more drama, I added a chunky bracelet from Artilleri and a cute little choker I found last nite.

I just heard the [ATOMIC] main store is reopened, so you can find me there this morning!  After that, I ‘m going to the beach!!  ciao!

Style Sheet
Skin: [ATOMIC] Hope Shadow – Pale_05
Hair: >TRUTH< Sehra – seaspray
Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes – Snow
Lashes: MADesigns EYELASHES ~ Diva
Tube Top: [Pink] Di Tube Top – Pearl
Shirt: *BOOM* Tahiti Sweety (Sands)
Pants: *BOOM* Fall Tweed (Cocoa)
Shoes: [Armidi Gisaci] Dhali Bow Platforms – Bole
Bracelet: /artilleri/ Wooden bracelet
Choker: *LC* Decode (tinted)
Hat: Cachet-TiffanyHATearth
Ring: ~flirt~ Pizazz Ring ::Platinum/Diamond

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  • Fabulous look!

  • Wonderful Hat and stunning outfit!!!!

  • Very nice drawing.. loved the outfit. :)

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