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Free Speerit has a stunning skin out in the store called Kimberly.  Since seeing this just a few hours ago, I can’t seem to take them off.  I’m really excited to share them with you.  After a hiatus, the Free Speerit team is back and starting to put out new items like the Kimberly skins, poses and clothing.

review238Kimberly was offered at the end of 2008 as a freebie.  After several requests, it good to see the skin in a full line – revamped.

The overall shading is just right for my tastes.  It has this dreamy appearance with just the right highlights and low tones.  The low tones help accentuate the curve of the bottom or around the chest.  Probably one of the features that  truly liked is the stomach.  There is minimal definition around the belly button.  The skin, to me, without this type of markings appear to be less athletic.  One of the many things I look for when purchasing skins.

As for the skins you will receive in your purchase, there are two options.  One will be shaved and other striped.  Since I prefer the shaved, I would like to see the freckled option than the hair options.  Maybe in future freckles will be the option.

The makeups are the real show stopper.  Each one is unique.  If its not the eyes in one, its the blush tone in the other or the lips.  When I started to compare the makeups, I saw how much each makeup changes the features on my shape.  Makeups are huge for me and if changes my look, that’s more of a bonus!


Keep your eye on Free Speerit.  I know I have more to show you in the upcoming days … but until then, head on over to the store and get your copies of Kimberly.

Free Speerit

Skins Shown: FS Skin – Kimberly Pale (Night), FS Skin – Kimberly Pale (Bubblegum), FS Skin – Kimberly Pale (Candy), FS Skin – Kimberly Pale (Natural), FS Skin – Kimberly Pale (Ocean), FS Skin – Kimberly Pale (Temptation), FS Skin – Kimberly Pale (Glamour), FS Skin – Kimberly Pale (Poreclain)

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