*Review* Doppelganger Inc.

Doppelganger Inc. has several locations but I found them at Starlust ‘A La Mode. Nestled in the corner, its packed with stuff for guys and girls from tees to shorts and now these dresses and bikinis.

With Scarlet’s dark toned skin, I couldn’t resist putting these dresses on her. The vibrant colors look great on her so I let her take the spotlight.  The Messina dresses come in three different patterns and each in three unique colors. Don’t worry, there are packs of pastels and jewel tones in case brights aren’t your thing.  (Price: $200L; Buy all three packs: $500L)

For the boardwalk bikinis, the come in plaids, strips and polka dots. All in a variety of summer tones. The hip hugging bottoms boast a triple ruffle adding a little flirtyness for the dairy-air. The bra has a matching ruffle too. the style can be worn with or without the ruffles too … but really, its too cute not add the ruffles. For the price, just the dresses, you will get three bikinis in three unique colors. Just have to pick out the pattern – good lucking doing that; they are just too cute. (Price: $150L; Buy all three packs: $400L)

Doppelganger Inc. is new to me. I was very pleased to see the quality is excellent and all the items are created in all the layers.  My only wish is that the dress top has wear-ability not as a dress, meaning as a top.  The other items offered at the store would be cute to mix with the top. For the price, its not a deal breaker since there are 3 dresses in the pack.

Store Location: Doppelganger Inc.

Doppelganger – Messina Dress – Pool
hair: >TRUTH< Sehra – barley
skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma B natural

Doppelganger Inc. – Boardwalk Bikini Polkas Fuschia
hair: >TRUTH< Charlotte – platinum
skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma I natural
earrings: ~flirt~ Tiffany Stud Earring

Doppelganger Inc. – Messina Dress – Lava
hair: >TRUTH< Leah – chestnut
skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma Group Gift Tan
bracelet: *EMJ* Elegance Bangles

Picture Location: Kaki Isles. A beautiful Singaporean village inspired sim with the true sense of community spirit.

*If you want Scarlet to appear in reviews as well, feel free to send items to her as well. Inworld: Scarlet Hudson

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