How to Make Your Photo Fit

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Ever notice that your photos run into your or the feeds sidebars? This typically means your picture is too large for the theme. The best rule of thumb is to keep the width under 512.

How do you do this? If you remember in my last post, we talked about photo size and bigger the photo the better. This is still true but now we are going to look how to keep the quality and still be within a usable bloggable size.

My photo sizing trick uses flickr since I may not always achieve the correct size in my editing program.  Here are the simple steps I use to make sure that my photos are of the right size:

1 – Click the photo in your photostream to open it in its own page

2 – Click “All Sizes” just above the photo
Step One

3 – Find the correct size (remember any width under 512 pixels is best)
Step Two4 – Highlight, copy and paste the HTML or URL into your blog post

Step Three

Told you it was easy. I’m not promoting Flickr its just the way that I resize photos for my blog. There are tons of ways to do this, I find this way is the most simple for me.

I hope that this will help you to use the correct photo size or give you another way to simplify your resizing technique.

Flickr: Keep in Mind

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