Express Takes on the Challenge

If you’re following along my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge, you’ll know we’re in week six. What you may not know, unless you follow me on plurk, is that Express is also doing the challenge but having me taking his photo. He shadows me begging to take his picture – and threatens to have someone else take his photo! I typically refuse for the week which puts him a week behind. I finally do snap his portrait and post them to my flickr set.

Just don’t tell Express that him futzing with outfits each week, worrying if its the right color and all is now in my Happy Things series.

Express' color challenge

1. Week 1 – Grey, 2. week 2 – blue, 3. week 3 – Goldenrod, 4. Express’ week 4 – plum, 5. week 5 – sepia, 6. 52 Weeks of Color Challenge

Being asked to take photos, I’ve been playing around with the idea of re-opening my photography studio. If you’re interested in having your photo done, please just drop me an IM inworld!

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