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My ears are burning …

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It is said when your ears burn, someone’s talking about you. I’m hoping its all good things! I have been working pretty hard on the upcoming new releases for Pose Fair 2011, Disco Deals and LoLo’s Coffee Break. All events start on April 1. I hope you’ll like what I’ve created.

Here’s just a little tease for the pending Pose Fair… and its the dollarbie I’m offering at the fair:

!bang - Comfort counts

A big thank you to Express. He’s been hard at work creating some very cool behind the scenes stuff for !bang … and so very willing to pose for me or change his shirt 23981225 times for this picture. <3


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: White

Its Week 21 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

I’ve been waiting for this week for such a long time. Its not the week number, although impressive we’ve made it this long, but its the color! White is my favorite. It ranks up there with pink for me. Originally I had an entirely different outfit planned but then this top I just swooned. All the other outfits will be just fine for upcoming posts I’d think.

When we look back on this challenge I’m for sure going to pick out this white week as one of the favorites. The next few weeks I’m on the fence. The colors are starting to become the more, erm, self-interrupt type. Meaning, what you think they are, they are!

I guess I should start thinking about the year end something soon, huh? We’re nearly at the halfway mark. Sometime this week, I’ll announce something kinda cool to our inworld group. Before any of us realize, it will be Week 52!

21 of 52

Week Twenty-One: White
March 26 – April 1

I promise there is a color chip there… lol

21 of 52: white

Week Twenty-Two: Banana Mania
April 2 – April 8

I promise there is a color chip there… lol

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all my mauve

Yes I blog all things pink. Don’t judge. :P But in my defense it is a really adorable top. Did you see the skin? Highly recommend you picking up this skin — its only 50L but for today only. See all you on my plurk didn’t have to wait *that* long! ha!

all my mauve

oh and… yes I’m still wearing the jeans. Told ya I couldn’t take them off!

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Voting Time

I adore hosting the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. The challenge has helped prompt so many blogs, found new friends and discovered a plethora of designers! While that plus more, we become a community… one I wouldn’t trade the world for!

color galore

Many folks have approached me to invite designers into our inworld group. I’d like to propose a vote to those in the challenge. Do you think it would beneficial to invite designers to the group? These invited designers would only be those who create items for the challenge. We can offer to them to send notices about their release if it includes the weekly color.

Go ahead and vote!

52WoCC: Designer Notices

  • Yes, please! I need help finding colors each week (82%, 56 Votes)
  • No, thank you. Its too much spam for me (21%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 68

Loading ... Loading ...

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Sky Blue

My heart is srsly bursting – we are kicking off Week Twenty!

So many folks have stuck with me since week one of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge … and that many more have started later and been diligently working to catch up. It really makes my week to browse all your posts and the flickr group. Its truly a blessing to have you all rallying in the challenge.

I think the best part is the sillyness in the group. The conversations are totally cheery and oh-so friendly. This coming week I’m going to ask for a vote about designers sending notices (or whatever they’d like) to us in the group. Yes, we will vote on it. The challenge isn’t really mine, its everyone’s. You all make it what it is and would love to have your input!! <3

20 of 52

Week Twenty: Sky Blue
March 19 – March 25

20 of 52: sky blue

Week Twenty-One: White
March 26 – April 1

I promise there is a color chip there… lol

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