ShopaholicFeed.com is Two!


ShopaholicFeed.com turned two just a few days ago! Its been two awesome years!

At one point we were pushing closer to 1000 blogs and now we have settled into just over 750. We have heard our faithful readers and started creating a higher standard for those blogs that request to be added. I love to see the IMs about duplicates or substandard blogs. As much as so many are feeling awful for IMing to me, I really appreciate it! It means you are reading and wanting to see top quality bloggers!

This past year the feeds won a Stylie from our beloved now-defunct Second Style. Express and I were so stoked (and still are!). I have the award showcased at my store! lol

We are looking forward to continuing ShopaholicFeed.com. Thank you so much for all your readership & support!

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2 Comments to “ShopaholicFeed.com is Two!”

  • I personally want to thank you for letting me blog! I’m just a nobody who does it for fun. I’m probably one that gets complained about but I have a great time doing your color challenge. So again thanks for providing me the chance to try! :D

  • Congratulations!

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