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Not too long ago, I did a “before and after” layout of a photo I recently took of Express and I. I used the photo on my blog, LunaJubilee.com, and folks really seemed to like the before and after side-by-side look. I adore having my flickr page but sometimes miss cool photos from my contacts. This got me thinking; let’s start a flickr group dedicated to this sort of thing. I’d like to think this group would be a great way for many to share their talents if they’d like while showing their before and after side-by-side photos. See this photo’s before and after side-by-side here. Join the Flickr group here.

Flowers for her Hair

The hair showcased is part of Clawtooth‘s Hair Fair offering. I’ve been drooling over it since the plurk teasers late last week. All the randomly shown vendor ads leading up to Hair Fair builds the excitement … and of course gets my creativity going for doing more posts tagged with Hair Fair 2011. Check out my first post for details about this year’s fair.

I so rarely wear wings for anything let alone my blog. Just blame it on my True Blood bender. The wings do kinda go with my beloved sad elf ears, right? Anyway, have a terrific week and to all my American friends, Happy July Fourth!

Filed in Luna Jubilee’s Happy Things folder.

hair: Clawtooth by Bubbles Clawtooth | Marketplace but empty
skin: Curio by Gala Phoenix | Marketplace but empty
ears: Illusory by Crushed Clarity
eyes: Insufferable Dastard by Audrey Lamede
pants: Gawk by Mell Mcmahon
mask: LaGyo by Gyorgyna Larnia (photoshopped; see side-by-side photo)
wings: Material Squirrel by Kala Bijoux
pose: !bang | Marketplace

complimentary copies denoted by slurl and Marketplace listing

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  • This image is so beautiful. The color is magnificent, it radiates with the pink to magenta hues, so alive! Your shadows are stellar and I just am in awe of the clarity and vibrancy in this photo.

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