Curio’s Summer

Summer is one of the three newness lines at Curio. I’ve picked up Airhead earlier this weekend. I don’t think I’ve yet to vocally profess my love for Curio skins on my blog… that is until now. I know I blabbed with my friends and some readers but never officially here. To save everyone, I won’t but rather let the photos show my adoration.

Good Morning

A little bit about Curio before you have her climb into bed with you. Each skin regardless if you pick up the insanely low priced magapacks or single makeups, there are two faces for each makeup. I think of this as a dramatic makeup and one for everyday. Its the same colored makeup but one’s just bolder than the other. When you choose one of the 5 main tones you’ll receive the light and dark version of that tone. Right off the bat, that there is a terrific bargain and I didn’t even mention the freckled version of all those skins.

Don’t panic if the boobies aren’t for you or the brows are too light. There are some addons for the skin lines. The cleavage (not show here) work for all the lines since mid-June. The skins do come with a dark brow tattoo.Surprisingly, I thought the cleavage that is on the skin was just fine for me. And you all know I love my boobs!

Check out all the makeups and other lines on the official Curio blog.


Before I close this post, check out what’s also on Curio’s blog – the RGB values of all the skin tones! If you struggle or need help to match your prim feet this is your saving grace. Bookmark it, srsly.

Summer and the two other new releases can be found at the MainStore location or at newly launched Truth District.

hair: Truth by Truth Hawks | Marketplace
skin: Curio by Gala Phoenix | Marketplace but empty
ears: Illusory by Crushed Clarity
eyes: Insufferable Dastard by Audrey Lamede
skirt: Snatch by Ivey Deschanel
ring: Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel
poses: !bang | Marketplace

house: Funky*Junk by Ulaa Coronet
furniture: The Loft by Colleen Desmoulins

complimentary copies denoted by slurl and Marketplace listing

6 Comments to “Curio’s Summer”

  • Glad to saw someone that also loves and founds Curio Pretty amazing and perhaps the best Skins avaiable, (and i tried a bit before falling with love with the 1 i use for 15 months already)

  • Great post and I loveee the pics.Would you mind if I used one in the store? <3

  • […] new designer, go check out her amazing things at Elbkind! The skirt is from Sn@tch and I seen it on Luna’s blog and just had to have it! It’s the most amazing sculpted skirt ever! And it comes in soooo […]

  • Hi there,

    I have a question maybe you can help me with. I recently purchased two of the Airhead skins, and I love them, the face and body detail is amazing, yet on both skins the face is a shade or maybe even two shades lighter than the rest of the body. I checked the lighter and darker shades and noticed this same trend with the entire Airhead line. Wondering if you or anyone else has noticed this as well.

    Thank you !!

  • Thank you all!

    Olive, I think you might be on to something here. Now I’m new sorta to wearing Curio as an everyday skin, but I do see the stronger difference in the Airhead line than the Summer set. I wonder if that is something specific to just the Airhead set… I don’t think its a dealbreaker tho. I certainly didn’t when I fatpacked it! lol
    Thanks for the comment – good eye on that!

  • I love many of Curio’s skins too, but I would hardly call them “insanely low priced.” They’re 1000L for a single, that’s about standard for a high quality skin. Anyway, I’ll stop nitpicking now and just tell you how lovely these shots are. I love the wash of pale pink!

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