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Mesh Gown: Rebel Hope

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I was thrilled to see my favorite to-go gown designer release a gown in Mesh! Rebel Hope will have more gowns in this lovely new medium (or so I hope!). Like I mentioned in my first post about Mesh clothing, I was waiting for a Mesh gown – well my wait is over!


I’m not sure if I did the gown its full deserved justice. So be sure to check out two of my favorite bloggers: Zoe Demar and Angie Mornington. Zoe offers a few great tips about Mesh and the gown itself. While Angie provides a terrific review and outlines the options.

The best thing about Mesh, in my opinion, most designers are giving free demos. Mesh demos are key since we are different shaped but also we get to experience the item ourselves. Rebel shares Fabria’s demos on The Marketplace. If you skip the demo and dive right in, here is the fat pack of all eight colors. Aren’t those colors stunning?!

Be sure to keep an eye on Rebel Hope if you’re Mesh crazed (like me). I’ve even added a Mesh category to my blog’s side bar.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Liver

Its that time again! Say hello to Weekk 43 of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!

This week was another one that was tough. I thought Liver would be a fairly common color. Not so much. I ran over to a new-to-me store that I found on Flickr. The store and this color may just be a new color for my autumn wardrobe. Lots of colors would go well with this. Let’s see what you all came up with! I’m hoping next week we’ll see more Mesh, yesh?!

Oh, before I go, get in our inworld group for Week 45. I’ll be closing the group to keep the original folks together.

Week Forty-Three: Liver
August 27 – September 2

43 of 52: Liver

Week Forty-Four: Firebrick
September 3 – September 9

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Mesh Clothing

Today was my first day getting to play dress up in SecondLife using Mesh using the 3.0 viewer. It didn’t take long for me to get addicted. I went right to Jane after Washu’s plurk this afternoon. She showed off the vendor photos and said that Damien Fate paired up with the Janie Marlowe, the owner of Jane. What a fantastic team!


I tried not to heavily photoshop the photo used in this post so you can see the flex in the shorts. The shorts, the only mesh item shown, were not touched. Mesh objects aren’t sizeable (or so what I have seen). There are minor poke through from my legs since Mesh doesn’t contour to some slider options. Jane offers demos with alpha layers and I was pleasantly surprised to see I didn’t need to downsize my curvy avie. (Thank you!!)

Another added bonus today’s purchase at Jane’s, she supplied a notecard to give some background on how Mesh works and what to expect. There are some pros and cons to using Mesh. Honestly, the note is right, the pros do outweigh the cons.

Since Mesh pairs well with older clothing options. Until we get settled into using Mesh, I’ll call out those products in my style details. The details as always is after the cut.

Mesh has been released grid wide. Enjoy creating mega 64×64 prims and the flowyness of mesh! I can’t wait to for full gown to test the fluidity!

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Chartreuse

Welcome to Week 42 of my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge! Way back when when I dreamt up this challenge, I asked a few times on plurk for color ideas. I don’t remember who told me what color … except this one. This week’s color can be blamed on Winter Jefferson.

This was one of the hardest colors for me. I went shopping (with help!) and well failed at wearing anything I picked up on that trip. My SL budget blown too! I have a strong suspicion the upcoming week will be tough too. Just like the title suggests, it is a challenge!

It’s officially official, the countdown to this challenge’s end has begun. Just ten weeks left.

Week Forty-Two: Chartreuse
August 20 – August 26

42 of 52: Chartreuse

Week Forty-Three: Liver
August 27 – September 2

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Look of the Day

Its been some time since I’ve done a “Look of the Day” post. I used to have a blog category marked for this sorta thing but now I file these poses in the catch-all of Luna’s Closet. This is, for me, any posts that are just for the ‘because’ factor. Anyway. The credits are after the cut.


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