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Weeks of Color Challenge: Orange

This is it. This is the FINAL post for my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. No more colors. No more racing to be the first to post your link in the comments. No more anxiety over what to wear (and changing 4234 times). No more counting down the weeks.

What we are left with is Friendship! We have become this merry band of blogggers in our little group. I want to keep the momentum going. We will have one last post to close the challenge: 15 Favorites. I’ll create a post, just like how I do the color challenge. It will list the instructions for the 15 Favorites and give a place for you guys to drop your links in the comments. Again, just like how we do the color challenge posts and comments.

Also, I’d like to announce, cue the drum roll, I’ll hold this challenge again! Yup, a new set of 52 colors. This time, I’ll ask the group for their colors and what they would like to see. This second round will start on January 1, 2012, which happens to be a Sunday.

Thank you all for supporting, reading, creating blog posts, photos and clothing/items for us to showcase. The following for this challenge is really just epic. Its something I never ever dreamed of let alone expected for my little blog. I’m thrilled so many are (or soon will be) able to say “I completed the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge”. Its an remarkable feat. Be proud. I know I am of you.

No more tears, no more being sad. Let’s close this challenge as friends… ‘cuz we’re gonna to rally again for “52WoCC-Part Duex”. Make sure you add me to your blog rolls and readers and bookmarks so you don’t miss the kick off!

(Please blame Express, who never got past Week 10, for the name!)

Week Fifty-Two: Orange
October 29 – November 4 (our final week)

52 of 52: Orange

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Love me some Luna

I can’t put into words how honestly excited I was when Tya told me she wanted to make shoes named after me. It was so damn hard to not think about it and then keep it quiet at the same time. Her IMs and the photos of the shoes in process were killing me with anticipation. Finally I get to show them off!

Love me some Luna

See the different shoe fabrics and options: Leathers, Velvets, Leathers with Woods. The best part – All Mesh and Unrigged!

Thank you Tya for putting so much work into these amazing shoes <3

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Alphabet Challenge: G

Alphabet Challenge - G

Join the Alphabet Challenge

Now that my own challenge is coming to a close, it will feel great to focus a little more on this one. I’m a shade behind too but only by one… I think. As fun as it is, its also difficult. Looking back at the past 6 photos, I’ve stayed true to my own every-day style that I wouldn’t necessarily blog. That’s impressive in my opinion. I’m so happy the girls started this challenge up again.

Now that I have a few of these letters under my belt, check out the past photos on my flickr and everyone’s photos in the Alphabet Challenge group.


Weeks of Color Challenge: Cream

Week 51 of 52 Weeks of Color Challenge kinda snuck up on me. We plowed through the weeks and cranked out some really awesome posts. It also hit me that this is the second-to-last post. I’m kinda down about it but thrilled too. Tons of mixed emotions.

Just so we can have a good feeling at the end of the challenge, remember to do your Favorite 15. This post will show 15 of your favorite photos that you’ve done during the challenge. So why not share these in your own blog post. Don’t worry I’ll do a detailed post about this while showing my fifteen favorites. It will be kinda like a recap, a way to say goodbye to this challenge and be a badge of sorts too.

Also, lots of you asked about my Windlight settings so I did an updated version of my current setting for you to download.

Week Fifty-One: Cream
October 22 – October 28

51 of 52: Cream

Week Fifty-Two: Orange
October 29 – November 4 (our final week)

The color swatches don’t syndicate to the feeds so be sure to check my blog for them.

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New at !bang poses

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I’m a super duper big dork. When I make poses, I have a hard time keeping quiet about them. Yes, the weekend is better to release stuff (or so I’m told) but, well, I just couldn’t wait. Well, there was this plurk teaser. Can I really count that, huh?

Well here are the two poses just released late last night:

!bang - alskande

The first one is for the upcoming Super Bargain Saturday. I”m keeping it at 60L until after SBS. We I get dorkily excited about stuff, you guys win! lol

!bang - besame mucho

A big thank you to Photos Nikolaidis for naming one of them. Lately I’ve been asking folks on plurk to help name my poses using their native language (or one they know well). Join me on plurk if you’d like to help with the naming.

!bang poses mainstore location


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