Weeks of Color Challenge: Orange

This is it. This is the FINAL post for my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. No more colors. No more racing to be the first to post your link in the comments. No more anxiety over what to wear (and changing 4234 times). No more counting down the weeks.

What we are left with is Friendship! We have become this merry band of blogggers in our little group. I want to keep the momentum going. We will have one last post to close the challenge: 15 Favorites. I’ll create a post, just like how I do the color challenge. It will list the instructions for the 15 Favorites and give a place for you guys to drop your links in the comments. Again, just like how we do the color challenge posts and comments.

Also, I’d like to announce, cue the drum roll, I’ll hold this challenge again! Yup, a new set of 52 colors. This time, I’ll ask the group for their colors and what they would like to see. This second round will start on January 1, 2012, which happens to be a Sunday.

Thank you all for supporting, reading, creating blog posts, photos and clothing/items for us to showcase. The following for this challenge is really just epic. Its something I never ever dreamed of let alone expected for my little blog. I’m thrilled so many are (or soon will be) able to say “I completed the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge”. Its an remarkable feat. Be proud. I know I am of you.

No more tears, no more being sad. Let’s close this challenge as friends… ‘cuz we’re gonna to rally again for “52WoCC-Part Duex”. Make sure you add me to your blog rolls and readers and bookmarks so you don’t miss the kick off!

(Please blame Express, who never got past Week 10, for the name!)

Week Fifty-Two: Orange
October 29 – November 4 (our final week)

52 of 52: Orange

hair: Lelutka by Thora Charron
skin: Illusory by Crushed Charity
tank: Miseria by Miseria Daines
sweater: Jane by Jane Marlowe
hooves/boots: Epic by Jade Winthorpe
pose: !bang by Trieste Minuet

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