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An Elikatira Honor


I’m so excited to have one of my photos showcased at the mainstore for Elikatira! I’m nestled between Seaya Nyanda and Parisa Galtier on the wall. What a great place to be between these two ladies. Check out the photo in the store or on my flickr. And oh hey, there’s new hair at Elikatira and its mesh!

Guess where I filed this post? Yup, that’s right. Its in my “Happy Things“.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Patina

This week’s color is, I think, fairly fitting to follow last week’s Iron in my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Part Deux. Of course, now that I see our upcoming color for week six, I need to ask the group not to kill me. lol

For those that were in the 1st round of the challenge will understand this… I think this is our new brown phase. After we get thru these few weeks, I don’t see any more light blue-greens anytime soon. Thankfully! So hang in there, promise less blue colors are on the horizon. Plus we have some awesome designers helping us find items in each week’s color! <3

Week Five: Patina
January 29 – February 4

Week 4 - Patina

Week Six: Alice Blue
February 5 – February 11

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!bang poses – Never Lonely

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I’ve created a brand new pose for Super Bargain Saturday. Its out now at !bang poses inworld or on the marketplace. Regardless of what location you choose to purchase this pose, its only 60L for just today!

!bang - never lonely

Stuff to Know: Don’t forgot to join the subscribo at the mainstore to get the free gift! And its the final few days for this round of Stumblebum.


Since 2009

Three years ago today was the day that I got to spend 14-hours with Express Zenovka. We talked about everything and anything that day (and still do!). Mostly our nervous chatter was me trying to impress him and him trying not to be so shy. After three years, he’s still just as shy … and I still try (in futility) to impress him.

express zenovka

We’re still as crazy and stoopid together as ever. I have a flickr set bursting at the seams dedicated to our three year history. I think we still “argue” over what day it was that marks the start of the “us” in SecondLife. I say its today and he thinks its, uhh, in two days. All I know, I’m thankful to have met him at that random September plurk party back all those years ago … and kept in touch until that following January day when we spent all that time together in my skybox.

. solace .

Express, thank you for not only being the guy who has filled my partner box for all this time but being my SLeverything. Still more than ever and more importantly after logging out you’re my best friend. You are and always will be a “Happy Thing” for me.



52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Iron

Iron is this week’s color in my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Part Deux. We’re off to a great start on this second round and its only week four. When I saw this color in the list, I know I wanted to use this shirt. Pants were kinda a fail. Even Express yelled at me … and plurked about it. /sad panda

Oh also, many are asking about my Windlight Settings and yes, I’m planning to release another windlight setting. I just need to tweak a few things then bundle it. I should have this released in the next few days. Be in the know when you subscribe to my blog on the sidebar.

Week Four: Iron
January 22 – January 28

Week 3 - Iron

Week Five: Patina
January 29 – February 4

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