Tutorial: Fitting Mesh

The past few days I’ve been tweaking my shape to get it to fit a particular tank top from Jane. After awhile I did give up and trashed it. Lesson learned: Demo mesh prior to buying! But the story doesn’t end there.

fitting mesh

I shared my frustration with Zyrra Falcone since now one of the newest releases from ColdLogic doesn’t fit me either. These two brands always have had fit me so well and never needed to try a demo. So what changed?! She and I looked at my shape and found the answer after a few minutes.

My shape is curvy but in the fat way. Eek, the f word! I don’t want to loose the overall look of my shape just to fit mesh. Afterall that’s what I identify with, right? Zyrra was able to break down how mesh is rigged related to avatar shapes which made adjusting my shape easy without taking away my identity. Here’s how I understand it: Mesh is rigged to the shape’s “skeleton”. Shapes are designed using muscle (fat) and frame (skeleton) sliders. The trick is knowing which slider affects muscles and what ones adjust the skeleton.

First, mess around with your own shape, but not before making a copy, by minimizing muscle (fat) sliders on the torso, legs and arms. These are the usual areas that are affected by mesh. When you minimize a muscle slider you’ll need to find a corresponding skeleton slider.

In my case my Torso Muscle slider was nearly 50 points and my Shoulders slider was in the twentys. This combination gave me the curves I liked in my shape. Decreasing the Torso Muscle by 15 or more points and increasing the Shoulders slider by just a few points, I lost what looks like nothing to my curvy shape.

The below photo shows the differences in the two shapes and how two different shirts fit on both shapes. The top row of photos I used my old shape (more fat, less skeleton) and the bottom row is updated shape. There really is no difference in my shape’s appearance but check out how much better the two shirts fit:

fitting mesh

I’m now on a mission to find other sliders pairings that will compliment each other for the lower torso. Feel free to leave comments about the  slider combinations that you find. Hopefully the right combination will help you to fit some of the popular mesh designers without uncompromising your own identity. Maybe this will now cease the forever whine “I can’t fit into mesh” for most folks.

As a side note: Not all mesh designers weight their mesh items the same way or using the same care to do so. Demo everything prior to purchase. Also, I typically wear a medium in Standardize Sizing. I believe both ColdLogic & Jane use Standard Sizing.

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items shown:
hair: elikatira by Elikapeka Tiramisu
skin & ears: Illusory by Crushed Clarity
tee: ColdLogic by ColdLogic
pose: !bang poses by Trieste Minuet

tank: Jane by Janie Marlowe

8 Comments to “Tutorial: Fitting Mesh”

  • Wow ! Thank you for sharing.

  • Great helpful post!
    Please share any other slider parings you find too. I get mesh to fit okay, but I tend to have to make a new shape for each item and I don’t think i am changing the right sliders to really make the item fit.. only to just make it look better. Would be nice to know more exactly which sliders to move that effect mesh.

  • I know that this has been one of the biggest issues with me and mesh. I love mesh and yet, I’ve always leaned toward curvy figures, because lets face it – I want my avi to actually look…real. But Zyrra is correct in that just a little finagling and you can fit mesh perfectly on your body without having to lose the shape you so desire.

    I’ve noticed with boots – it has a lot to do with the saddlebag sliders and the hips, not really the legs.

  • Great tutorial, i gonna try that now
    Thank you <3

  • O.o wow very helpful tips there Luna, thanks for sharing, will have to try this in the future!!!

  • I have found that taking away a few points from the body fat slider helps fit most mesh, and to compensate for this I increase the body width slider (which adjusts to mesh) to retain a curvier shape.

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  • […] your own shape while still fitting mesh, Luna Jubilee did a fantastic tutorial on fitting mesh here. Strawberry Singh also recently posted some links in one of her recent blog posts that are relevant […]

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