52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Jonquil

Who knew that Jonquil was a yellow? I didn’t until Express reminded me. I also didn’t want to write this blog post so I told Express to do it. Let’s see how long it takes Luna to notice I said that.

So here’s the deal. We’re on week 32 of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Part Deux (also awesomely named by me). Twenty more weeks! Then it’ll be no more checking the Marketplace for strange colors, no more tinting background prims for pictures, and best of all.. no more ghost writing blog posts for Luna!

That said, finding this week’s color was pretty easy. Zaara’s new tops had a perfectly jonquil yellow and the rest of the awesomeness just fell into place. Pretend derpy hooves, over and out.

Week Thirty-Two: Jonquil
August 5 – August 11

Week 32 - Jonquil

Week Thirty-Three: Tyrian Purple
August 12 – August 18

hair: Wasabi Pills by Missallsunday Lemon
skin & ears: Illusory (I heard these are no longer available) … srsly no pun intended :p
clothing: *Zaara by Zaara Kohime
pose: *!bang poses by Trieste Minuet

windlight setting used: Luna Jubilee’s Candlelight

*complimentary copies

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