*Amatorum* is Second Life’s premiere members only upscale adult lounge and community.

Amatorum on Theory


Provide the SL community with an inclusive and enjoyable place to meet and get to know other people in the sensual lifestyle. *Amatorum* is designed to be a place where people can feel at ease and as uninhibited as they would like.


Our club is designed to be mature. Not just in its content, but also in the behavior of our guests. Please approach people with respect at all times.

Membership is required to enter the sim. Amatorum group must be activated once leaving the ballroom/welcome area. Entering the sim you understand and comply with the rules. Rules are subject to change. It is your responsibility to keep up to date on the rules.


** Your avatar must look updated **
This means no flexy, no bling, no shoe/walking sounds, no system clothing.

Dress Code: Dress is to be casual chic (jeans are ok if not ripped/torn). Unless there is a themed event, no costumes.

Nudity: Nudity is allowed and encouraged.
• Men: No erect penises until engaged in sexual activity. No leaking or shooting body fluids at anytime.
• Women: No milking breasts or leaking bodyparts.

Public Sex: Strongly encouraged. Enjoy yourself! Our club is designed to be a judgment free area, so feel free to enjoy what there is to be enjoyed. Remember, even though this is a sensual club, please respect those engaging in sex. Interfere ONLY if invited. Otherwise, enjoy the show, and we hope it triggers some excitement with you and your partners.

No Child or Teenage avatars. Your avatar must appear to be of an adult age.

No pets (prim or mesh) or animated objects.

No talking tummies or talking bodyparts. Chat spam of any kind will not be tolerated.

No escorting, money beggars,griefing, gesturbators.

No weapons (armed or concealed) or any kind of particle emitters.

No drama of any kind will be tolerated.

No avies under the age of 30 days is allowed on the sim.

If you feel you are being harassed by a member, please let Amatorum Management know via IM. No public disagreements allowed.

Amatorum Management reserves the right to revoke your access/membership either temporarily or permanent.


Group fee is non-refundable. At no one time should anyone expect to enter the group for free or have their membership waived if removed from the group by management or themselves.

Group membership, while you’re in the Amatorum, allows you to have a deep discount if you rent with Estate d’Jubilee.




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