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Luna Jubilee – Windlight for Outdoors

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated any of my Windlight settings. Shame on me. I’ve talked about it for far too long. Today I’m sharing the spring atmosphere I created and named it after my sim, Southern Paradise.

Luna Jubilee Windlinghts 2015
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Self Promotion: The Blogging Basics

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One thing I mentioned in my last post but didn’t cover is how SL residents can self promote their content. It’s a bit of a large topic, and wasn’t directly related to feeds so I decide to split it into is own little post.
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Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Setting: Candlelight

Its been a few months since my last windlight. Boy was that a huge hit! As I’m sure you can guess now I enjoy the more dreamy warm settings. I did do a cooler one but still it was on the ethereal side. This new one is all about the dark warmth. I’ve created several posts using this new setting already.

This brand new one is more for the darker background photos but keeping the warmth, I named it CandleLite.

falling slowly

I did edit the above photo so I’ve tossed the before and after version of the photo on flickr – see it here (don’t forget to friend me when you’re there!).

Download Luna Jubilee’s CandleLite here

Check out all of Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Settings here.

Of course, here’s the awesome tutorial on how to install Windlight Settings into your viewer by Torley Linden. I used the official Linden Lab viewer to take this photo (and most of my photos!).

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Tutorial: Fitting Mesh

The past few days I’ve been tweaking my shape to get it to fit a particular tank top from Jane. After awhile I did give up and trashed it. Lesson learned: Demo mesh prior to buying! But the story doesn’t end there.

fitting mesh

I shared my frustration with Zyrra Falcone since now one of the newest releases from ColdLogic doesn’t fit me either. These two brands always have had fit me so well and never needed to try a demo. So what changed?! She and I looked at my shape and found the answer after a few minutes.

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Pinterest - Add Me

I’m now on Pinterest! As you can tell by the above screencap of my profile, I’m really new to this site. There isn’t much of a learning curve and its quite fun seeing all the pins and repins especially from the Secondlife residents. Don’t worry you’ll catch on to the lingo quick. Please feel free to add and follow me.

Take a moment to read Terms of Service before joining Pinterest or any site. Never pin (upload/add) photos that are not your own without permission. If you would like to protect your own Flickr photos, here’s a little handy guide to follow.

Add your Pinterest profile links in the comments! <3


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