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Luna Jubilee – Windlight for Outdoors

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated any of my Windlight settings. Shame on me. I’ve talked about it for far too long. Today I’m sharing the spring atmosphere I created and named it after my sim, Southern Paradise.

Luna Jubilee Windlinghts 2015
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Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Setting: Candlelight

Its been a few months since my last windlight. Boy was that a huge hit! As I’m sure you can guess now I enjoy the more dreamy warm settings. I did do a cooler one but still it was on the ethereal side. This new one is all about the dark warmth. I’ve created several posts using this new setting already.

This brand new one is more for the darker background photos but keeping the warmth, I named it CandleLite.

falling slowly

I did edit the above photo so I’ve tossed the before and after version of the photo on flickr – see it here (don’t forget to friend me when you’re there!).

Download Luna Jubilee’s CandleLite here

Check out all of Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Settings here.

Of course, here’s the awesome tutorial on how to install Windlight Settings into your viewer by Torley Linden. I used the official Linden Lab viewer to take this photo (and most of my photos!).

Don’t miss out on my other tutorials: Luna Jubilee’s Blog Boot Camp


Luna Jubilee’s Windlight: Springscape

I’m changing up my photostudio to Spring. Its been winter long enough for me. Thankfully my store sim has changed over to green and soon will start blooming.

Luna Jubilee's Windlight Setting: Springscape

With the actual season change coming up in real life, all my photos will soon change to more warm tones. Also, my backdrops will change to the florals and soft lighting. Like I said in a prior windlight post, here’s my brand new windlight setting, “Springscape”, and the photo in the raw form.

To download my new windlight setting: Click Here

Every setting that I share can be found under Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Settings in my Blog Boot Camp tutorials.

Also, if you’d like to join Dropbox, click this link we both can grow our storage space. The more space I have the more Windlight Settings I can cram in there!

Enjoy <3


Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Setting: Snowday

I’ve created a new Windlight Setting for snowy day scenes. Also, to help find my collection of windlight settings easier, there’s a new category on my blog’s sidebar.

Download and use my new setting: Luna Jubilee’s Snowday

New WL Setting

Feel free to browse Luna Jubilee’s Blog Boot Camp for several of my tutorials for photography set up and other topics. I’m hoping in the coming few weeks to expand the current library. You’re always welcomed to IM me if you have a topic for me to cover.

Edloe in Winter

My photos were taken on Edloe. If you’re to wander the sim or any of the five islands, please be respectful of its residents.

To see the first photo of me in its raw form, click here. That is the true version of my WL setting with no photoshop other than a crop.

These photos were taken using Firestorm.


Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Setting: Bright Sparkly

Its been some time since I’ve done a Blog Boot Camp post. My last post showcases the windlight option I used most then. With a few viewer changes since, here’s my newly updated setting. I use this for pretty much all my photos and singles vendors.

Newly Updated WL setting

Since I use photoshop to boost colors be sure to see the before and after photo on flickr. This will show the original photo coloring.

To download this Windlight Setting, click here: Luna Jubilee – Bright Sparkly


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