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Interiors by Britain Knave

For quite some time I’ve been oogling the stunning decor work by Britain Knave. I knew when I finally settled on a homestead name, I wanted Brit to come through to decorate our house. She made it a home, easily.


Elexor and I welcomed her to our very blank canvas of a home. She made the process so effortlessly that it would have taken us … forever. We wanted a beautifully elegant but still live-in feeling for our home. Simple touches that make it ours, not only using a few of our personal pieces but including our monogram letters tucked in various corners. An other surprises as well.


check out other style homes by Britain Knave: Kennedy Interiors and Brit’s flickr


The Mellower Season

The Mellower Season

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”

― Samuel Butlertler

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Seen It All Before

seen it all before

I can hear my heart pounding,
oh but I can’t decide.
Stuck between the depths of my fears,
and peaks of my pride.

. Amos Lee – Seen It All Before .

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no better place

I will dream of you
you’ll dream of me too
your arms curled round my waist
there would be no better place

no better place

Interlude (Live) – London Grammar

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His Queen

By Luna Jubilee  //  Clothing  //  1 Comment

his queen

Are you an active Tiny Empires player? Or perhaps, you’ve since retired from the game. If either applies to you, send me, Luna Jubilee, an IM inworld. Let’s talk!

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