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Surfs Up

New Surf Co landed earlier today. I see several folks are more than excited & Emma is probably exhausted! The newness is really awesome. So let’s let the lady rest while we rush the store for the bikinis, tanks & boots … and is there a new jean skirt.

surf co

I know plurk makes some folks have a physical reaction. For me, its a great source of new things. This hair is a new-to-me hair store called Milana was plurked & I went shopping! The Owner of Dernier Cri is the Co-Owner of this new store. The same hair dye system that we all know and love but with different styles. I think the overall style is more romantic.

surf co 1

Aren’t both these stores super cute together?!

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New Shoes

SLink just released shoes called Mia. Aren’t they cute! ¬†Already plurk is a buzz and for sure people are flocking to the store. The HUD driven shoe is super easy to use just like other SLink products. The toes, polish, metal detailing and leather trim are all customizable with a click or two.

shoe love

Also, new in this post is the hair and dollarbie pose. The hair is from Love Soul that I found on the feeds today curtesy of their store blog. The pose is by me and is out at !bang already.

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I’ve created this pose in hopes I would get a great pair of shoes to blog and stretch my photography skills a bit. The time has come!


Chandra Heels is the newest shoe from Orange Creations by nut Barak. Just like the past releases, these are super easy to have match your skins through use of a hud. Also you can change the heel & platform color as well as your toe nail color — I think that’s my favorite part of having a prim foot shoe.

I highly recommend checking out Orange Creations! They are an amazing shoe brand offering top quality without really breaking your bank.

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Pixel Mode Love

Pixel Mode is a common trend for my choice of shoes to blog. Its really not a surprise that I’m a huge fan of the shoes produced from this brand.

PM shoes

I had the pleasure of talking with Tya about her upcoming products but she did mention a few other things about the past shoe releases:
Baby T
The first thing I asked was for an alpha layer and updated shoe for the Baby Ts. Its coming!! She’ll soon have an updated version for those super popular shoes.

There is an updated hud available. Just wear the HUD you have and you’ll be given the newly updated version of the hud. It will correct that toe issue.

Lady T
This is the most recent release as of yesterday (shown above). It is a prim foot like Jori so expect to be wow’d. There are 6 colors in each pack with two metal options. The packs are classified by lights and darks, both glossy. There is an option for the full fat pack for all 12 shoes.

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Love Me Some Shoes

When one of the heavy weights of the shoe world releases new products, you run. Thankfully I have a whole herd of friends in the know who are also addicted. From shouting at me inworld and on plurk to blind TPs to IMs — I knew I was loved!

love me some shoes

After all this shopping, for sure, Express will put me on a budget … but only if he finds out, so please don’t tell him. <3

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